4 episodes, 8 questions; Doctor Who, 2011

In summary: bloody well done. All of the past 4 have had something worth loving.

Emphasis on the bloody as more bodies piled up in The God Complex than Moffat likes to rack up over a series.

So, here are 8 questions for you:

Let’s Kill Hitler

1. How many rules does Moffat have for The Doctor, exactly?

“Sorry, did you say she killed The Doctor? The Doctor? … Doctor who?”

“Oh, you should always waste time when you haven’t any. Time is not the boss of you. Rule 408.”

“Never knowingly be serious. Rule 27.”

“Aaaah! Kidneys are always the first to quit. I’ve had better you know.”

“…but never run when you’re scared. Rule 7.”

2. Does he whisper his name to River before he dies or does he tell her he loves her?

Rule 1: The Doctor lies.”

Were I to compile all these with all the rules that River has said at some point or another over the past 2 or 3 series, methinks I’d have quite the heady-cocktail-formula/recipe for how Moffate mathematically-brews an episode.

Night Terrors

3. It’s always aliens at the moment, isn’t it?

It couldn’t just be a complicated plot of old or a plant-lifeform – no, it’s currently always a lonely alien.

Ah well, twas still a fair episode and one done with excellent cinematography, I thought. This, at least, gave Mark Gatiss a bit more of my liking since the unmentionable dildos of the past.

The Girl Who Waited

Well played all. I cried like a Rory-born child. Rory for the win.

The God Complex

“Of course. Who else?”

4. That sound was the same Cloister Bell sound of the TARDIS exploding, yes? 

5. So did he see himself in there and is afraid that he caused the explosion?

6. Or is he afraid of an enemy he never defeated?

7. Or, better yet, is he afraid of River turning out to really really be someone absolutely and cunningly set out to kill him?

That way, the only person he’s truly let know him in a very long time would be the one who hurts him most and the thing he fears most…

8. Did anybody else think the juxtaposition of The Minotaur and The Doctor through mirrors, glass and “…sacrificed her faith in me – gave you the space to die” nicely apt and effectively done?

After all, “You have lived so long even your name is lost – you want this to stop – because you are…just instinct.”

Aaaand then the interweaving of the always brilliant Young Amy with our Amy.

“Forget your faith in me. I took you with me because I was vain, because I wanted to be adored. Look at you – glorious Pond – the girl who waited for me. I’m not a hero. I really am just a madman in a box and it’s time we saw each other as we really are. Amy Williams. It’s time to stop waiting.”

“So, you’re leaving aren’t you?”

“And what’s the alternative? Me standing over your grave? Over your broken body? Over Rory’s body?”

“What happened? What’s he doing?”

I thought the goodbye could only have been bettered by Amy saying “He’s doing what he always does, he’s saving us.”

Methinks that the team may well also have found a fine director for the new, Moffat-led style Who in Nick Hurran.

Questions, questions. So many questions.


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