Red vs. Blue

Not a commentary on the long running debate, ‘Which Hulk is better?’ but instead, of course, a theory on Doctor Who:

When sporting a red bow-tie & braces, he seems to be an entirely different man from when wearing a blue bow-tie & braces – the former dislikes apples, the latter relishes them; the red hates rubix cubes, the blue solves them easily


either – a) Two Doctors (of the same age and from the same universe) have existed for sometime – probably a ganger made stabl by the TARDIS – and they’ve been sharing their adventure time between them

or b) we have another example of The Doppler Effect in action, as we did last season [where red equals moving forward in time and blue equals backward.]

‘How would two doctors go unnoticed?’ You might ask – well, there are several possibilities: one of which has been placed somewhere to enjoy life on-planet while they switch every so often; one of them could have been put to sleep for 100 years somewhere safe; or, simply, due to one possibly being a ganger there wouldn’t necessarily be a [paradox] problem with both being in the TARDIS at all times and simply tagging in and out per adventure.

So that’s all possible for Saturday’s episode HOWEVER, Mark Gatiss‘ entry on the IMDB entry for The Wedding of River Song has been changed from Fenric to Gantok after much net furor…could the net have called it on Fenric and the good Beeb had to ask IMDB to change it?

My word, I. Cannot. Wait. For tomorrow!


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