Appealing to Tory women

“Dear Tory women,

My dear ladies, please take a look at this image:

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this image?


Well let me help with a few numbered pointers:

  1. The headline of the page sounds a little like scare-mongering, doesn’t it? We can all admit what a jolly good scare-mongering looks like and that’s it. This isn’t wrong, per se, but shouldn’t be quite so obvious – I blame that social climber Hague, myself, but we really should be aware of these things.
  2. To the right of the headline, you can see that top of the ‘Top Stories’ is ”No critics’ to attend NHS summit’: of course, I agree with Cams, I mean why would we want actual critics with opinions at a summit when what we really want is to not let all those pesky conversations get in the way and just get-on and do something, eh? However, we must at least give the appearance of allowing other opinions – no matter how wrong they may be.
  3. We’re giving so called “child” asylum seekers money! When the economy must always be put first, our giving away money to people of non-British denomination is just out-and-out Euro-pressure.

Fortunately, the BBC has finally reported some good news in that councils are going to start praying at their meetings again so that part of the image can of course be ignored. We all know the importance of having religion come before all other matters.

Now, my appeal to you good ladies who remain faithfully Blue, is this: please give your minister husbands more oral sex.

I know it’s a disgusting task – one that must be done behind closed doors and not talked about whenever possible – but this is an emergency. If you don’t act now, our boys in blue will never be relaxed enough to think of ways to get around these damn Euro-sympathisers. So do it for your husbands, do it for me and, most of all, do it for your country.

Thank you, you good women.”


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