You, me, the beginning

You saw the last dying vestiges of Cool Britannia.

You were there when the facades of the pillars began to show themselves as facades.

Britain didn’t see this or maybe the Old thought the good times could roll and the young didn’t know any better.


I knew nothing of what was happening: I had nothing, I had nothing to give up, so I cared for nothing – I gave up a warm nothingness to simply have adventures.

Right now, I’m writing a short film on that’s based on the concept of silence (ergo, also, its opposite – language).


In the beginning there was silence.

Noise was made, language was crafted, and communication born – it still struggles. We still sweat. Some of us enjoy the sweat.


[Yes, this is a convoluted #BUSYandWorkingHard post but, hey, that top section is something for someone, somewhere maybe in the tags.]


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