St. Trinians (2007) – film review

So as it was on Film4 last night I watched the remake of St. Trinians to find out if I should find it and its sequel for my nieces to watch.

It’s…disappointingly brash. The original is so funny because it really looks like they had little control over what the hell anyone but Alastair Simm was doing.

The remake is very 90s, oddly: it revels so much in jokes about skunk and/or buzzing/tripping/bla-bla-bleurgh that I couldn’t help become not-interested at certain points. Not only that but it really fetishizes the prepubescent. I felt really really old when I realized I felt pretty uncomfortable watching certain bits – they are fishnets and hold-ups and a camera focus on someone who I think is supposed to be 14…weird.

However, saying that, once I’d finished my mug of Horlicks, I laughed at the slapstick, I enjoyed Stephen Fry, and I realized why my nieces expressed an interest – it’s all quite simply bubble-gum fun [if you avoid the pervy weirdness].

Gemma Arterton is, as always, a reliable presence; Russel Brand is a slightly less outre version of Russel Brand; Talulah Riley [whom I only knew as Miss Evangelista] is also fine; notable mention goes to Amara Karan because she was also in Doctor Who /\_/\ as Rita– it’s Rupert Everett who’s the star and he really is quite brilliant.

So, if you’ve young familia who express an interest – I say ‘why not’ but if you yourself think it’ll be fun…erm, no, sorry.


2 thoughts on “St. Trinians (2007) – film review

  1. I had very similar feelings about it. I watched it with an ex girlfriend’s young teenage sister and felt pretty conflicted. Parts are really quite funny and fluffy and silly, and then they throw in a really unsubtle reference to having anal sex with a high school girl, and it becomes a bit odd.

  2. Exactly!

    Though I missed that one [and I’m glad to have], that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

    I’ll be watching the sequel tonight as it’s got David Tennant in it and then passing them both onto my nieces with a sort of ‘Remember, this isn’t always what ‘sexy’ looks like’ message…that’s put a lot better than that, hopefully.

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