The Granta Podcast Episode 35 by Ted Hodgkinson Granta

Cynan Jones on writing about adolesence, what we can learn from animals and why he doesn’t want to be seen as a Welsh writer.

[I’m glad to know there are other writers out there who dislike being pigeon-holed into the ‘Welsh writer’ category. It helps that I liked his The Long Dry.]


3 thoughts on “The Granta Podcast Episode 35 by Ted Hodgkinson Granta

  1. Eh? Seamas Heany is British, is he? Last time I checked he was Irish and his name is pronounced “Shay-mus” not “See-mus” Brilliant, sorry, Britain cannot have our Seamas Heaney!
    Cynan Jones is WElsh but has not one shred of Welsh accent? Where he from?

  2. I just reblogged the thing because I like Cynan; you’re quite right about Seamas; sorry for Granta’s mistake, they take themselves very seriously and would never to admit to it.

    I’m Welsh, I don’t have a traditional Welsh accent – you can only hear it in certain words. Much like Cynan’s really. We’re both from mid-Wales. Hope it helps.

  3. Lol. Sorry, I read back on my post and it probably looked angry. I was more amused!
    That is fascinating about the Welsh accent, I studied in Aberystwyth Uni and they had the best Welsh accent there! Thanks for the reply. I really enjoy the Granta podcasts and all of their work so I shall ignore a small error! 🙂

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