Tuesday tech turnstiles

As infrequent as my technology-roundup updates are, they’re only so because I wait for the good stuff.

It will all come at once though, won’t it?

Quantum entanglement‘s nothing new and it’s been used successfully in other tests before but what I don’t know of is an experiment that has – intentionally or otherwise – tested it specifically over a lake. This is a mute point to some as entanglement should theoretically work from anywhere to anywhere but, of course, until it’s tested it remains unproven. The Chinese just proved that it works. Sweet.

This will go nicely with the plans to Build an Enterprise by 2032. I very much doubt the engineer – who doesn’t seem like a crazy from the article – would need transporters [just yet] but it’s good to know that we still have dreams, draw dreams, make dreams. BIG dreams.

People often ask why we’d travel to space when we’ve so many problems down here, here’s why: we’re never going to solve all the world’s problems all at once.

Space travel – even within our own star system – gives us a greater hope and a new economy. It’s a defeatist argument to say that all space-travel should be stopped and the money spent on fixing things on Earth when all things take time. If there was a Kickstarter for that Build an Enterprise idea, I’d add my £5 even though I can’t really afford giving anything away because it represents a greater hope than defeatism, it represents the big dream that humanity can and will get it right…given time.

On the space travel note, it’s also good to know that we’re still doing our regular gun-shot up there while the everyone down here scrambles around.

Finally, as always: androids & robots.

They’ll have vision modes beyond our sticky-tactile comprehension because they’ll have the option of bee eyes and they’ll never get tired eyes because they’ll be solar powered eyes.

I love living in ‘the future’.


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