Disrupting medicine

This video is why Google’s Project Glass is a disruptive technology.

A lot of naysayers have told me, “This’ll never catch on” for various reasons so here’s a question for you readers: when you’re running from an oppressive person, do you get out your phone to record it or do you run?

You want proof that you’re being attacked but if you get out your phone, you know damn well it’ll be slapped out of your hand.

With this all you’d have to do is say “Record this.” While you’re running, if you need.

As Warren Ellis predicted years ago, over and over, wearable technology that sits as easily as something we currently use could be the technology for life-bloggers and front-line journalists. I can’t help wondering what Laurie Penny‘s opinion on this is. She has a large Twitter following, if she could tweet directly to them without having to type at a protest would it help? Or would it hinder?

The trick for Google is create the right commands.

“Hey Glass, take a picture of this.”
“Hey Glass, tweet ‘I’m stuck in between the police and the protestors – both are beating me senseless.'”

For front-line journalists, it could be the medicinal aid they need for emergency situations. This, however, then makes all of us immediate journalists in a way that a smartphone doesn’t necessarily. A smartphone takes premeditation. With Project Glass, we know it responds to nodding your head so it’s plausible that you could program it to activate the video camera record function if ever it feels like you’re getting beaten up.

I’m just glad to hear that they’ve been testing it for 2-3 years already.


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