Friday etch tech fun

Screw ahead of the curve – right now, you’d need a quantum devised pancreas for that.

Keeping up to date is hard enough as it becomes a question of luck, timing, and ensuring you’re all over Kickstarter.

As a Kickstarter project cracks open the gaming console market five days before its Kickstarter campaign has even finished, Microsoft ensures it has fingers in other pies and Sony quivers.

There’s questions of girl design over at the BBC as they try their hardest to let other news types cover the 100% over-budget love-in in London.

BUT FEAR NOT, America will NEVER [or, at least, it will try its hardest to never] let go of the internet.

All so that we can have the hardest to crack passwords. Eva.

So while you’re sitting there trying to keep up, sit back, and know that one day a computer will evolve a virtual you to keep ahead of itself for you.



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