Your necessary dose of everyday horror

They’d taken the small street from Queen onto Narrow and soon it would become Fore. North of where Narrow became Fore Street, there too engineers had trapped the flow of water. The area had been known as Limehouse Dock for some time now, whether a warehouse stocking lime stood near or not. Men were everywhere on Narrow Street. In balconies, men with the same hat as Murphy sat smoking and shouting down. On the barrels that had slowly begun to fill the side of the streets, men sat or stood around playing. Some stacked barrels into pyramids, some lifted them from the top of those pyramids to the men in the balconies. Ladders and ropes supported, hoisted, and hung men and barrels and baskets.

Salt, dirt, lime, tobacco and a hundred others filled the senses. Purefoy looked up to see men caught in ropes and chains underneath small bridges. Men stood on the bridges and yanked at the ropes and chains. The men below screamed. The further in they got, the more screams Purefoy heard. From the bridges to inside warehouses and back again, screams echoed.

[an extract of] Chapter 19,
Purefinder [Cosmic Egg Books, 2013]


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