Michael Gove syllabus

‘How’s the slanty getting on, Gideon?’
‘Oh, exceptionally. He’s gutting what he should as efficiently as we could. We’ll do more but, for the moment, he’s done an almost regal job. He’s also a bit more of a rock-breaker than we initially gave him credit for – he’s entirely happy to carry on working, no matter how much he’s under fire. And how’s your old post’s replacement?’
‘You know, that…cove.’
‘Ah, yes, splendidly. He’s done as I told him and then some. I’m sure he’ll make upstarts think twice about getting above themselves.’

Purefinder, pages 49 – 50

In light of the recent news about Michael Gove’s [ideologically patriotic and backward looking propaganda] syllabus changes, I present a small section of Purefinder for your delectation.


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