Never a summer lost to fluff

I’ve never enjoyed a specifically-advertized ‘Summer Read’.

It might, therefore, seem hypocritical of me to recommend Purefinder to you as one but I’m going to do so.
Let me say why.

Every ‘Summer Read’ I’ve read has been light on depth and heavy on privilege. To be a read that doesn’t challenge as it sits easily alongside your bubbly, isn’t so much a read as a consumption and indeed it is the consumption. The consumption which encourages us to not challenge ourselves.

From its many different reviews, Purefinder is a challenging but quick read.
It is also immersive, gruesome, and often biting. Don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews.

The book is “…asking us to take notice of how we are reading as well as what we are reading.”

Building on this, I’ve a suggestion: why take something to the sun that’s about the sun? You should be living it.
Take something dark so when you’re done living for the day, you can read and know how great your holiday is.


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