The reviews, too – Purefinder 7 months in

What a 7 months 2014 has given me so far. As promised in the updated About page, I’ve updated this blog only with snippets and only when I can. Fortunately, after the 7 month anniversary of Purefinder being released, today I can.

A while back I posted the first review that came in, then I posted a few more, but since then there have been a whole lot more. Some from Amazon, some from Goodreads; some good, some bad. I figure that an anniversary deserves a compilation so here they all are in one place.

The newest reviews are at the top. [Yes this is to serve my failing memory as much as it is to help Purefinder. It’s also to mark the fact that, yes, 7 months have gone by in a blur of light and processing.]

  • “Its certainly worth it for the morbid and sometimes terrifying images conjured up by whatever daemon Ben Gwalchmai is channelling…Just be aware you may have not read much like it before. 7 out of 10″ ~ The Cult Den
  • “Having spent the whole of Christmas buried in this book, I can highly recommend Purefinder whether you are a gothic horror aficionado or (like me) a relative newcomer to the genre.” ~ Verity, Amazon
  • “Gwalchmai is obviously enjoying himself digging in the rich soil of British language. The journey, highlighting as it does the London poor, is a juxtaposition with today’s austerity society, several times the characters speak of what it would be like in 150 years’ time. Through it all runs the rivers and the streets which serve as characters on their own. …This isn’t a forgettable book and some of the imagery will stay with me, probably as I had to be wide awake and paying attention whenever I picked up the book. Overall – A complex and sometimes difficult read but one that will be rewarding to the right reader.” ~ Peter Sutton, BRSBKBLOG [which also features an interview with me where Peter asked some great questions.]
  • ““Purefinder” by Ben Gwalchmai is a demanding and difficult read but in a very positive way. It cast an almost instant hypnotic spell over me that compelled me to carry on reading…Breathtakingly intimate…” ~Historical Novel Society
  • “2 out of 5: l made the mistake of thinking it was allegorical and kept trying to see what the allegories were. Once l realised it was a historical Gothic thriller l enjoyed it more. l won’t spoil it for other readers by revealing the ending but the last paragraph was brilliant.” ~ Christine  Andrews, Goodreads [Christine’s review is offered as I promised to put all the reviews I’ve seen here. It’s important to get different opinions. It’s offered without comment, judgement, or riposte.]
  • “4 out of 5” ~Adnan, Goodreads
  • “…definitely an enjoyable read….Gwalchmai utilises many of the tools you’d find in a traditional Gothic horror novel but presents them in a new way, which kept me reading until the end…” ~ Beth, Judging Covers
  • “…he evokes the atmosphere of London’s seedy underbelly with brilliant, and often shocking, prose…Ben Gwalchmai is an outstanding storyteller, who is brave enough to write historical fiction in an unusual and unsettling way. I would highly recommend this book to all who dare undertake the journey” ~ Angela Buckley,
  • “…a remarkable piece of work” ~ Rebecca Carter, Janklow and Nesbitt
  • “Intriguing, vivid.” ~ John Hunt, Zero Books
  • “…you get the best of both worlds – a novel that engages with and criticises our political establishment, and a novel that is packed with original and vivid characters that populate Victorian London, and continue to populate our London of today. …The characterisation is rich, that ‘living geography’ of the city pulls you in, and the political themes and analogies are cleverly drawn.” ~ Sian Norris, Sian & Crooked Rib

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