The extended cut

Today I’ve had an article published on Huffington Post but I cut the original.

The original reads almost exactly like the published version but with one key difference, a small paragraph for Dannie Abse.

Here’s that paragraph:

I had the good fortune to work with Dannie Abse once: as a volunteer usher and administrator, my role was small but he still took the time to chat with me about my name and about mid Wales, he still signed my copy of his latest collection of poems and we still joked a little about Llanrhaeader’s claims to the biggest waterfall in Wales [which I’m still to find out whether or not is true – a quick Google tells me that we were right to joke]. I’d like to take this opportunity to say my small part: the Dannie Abse I met was warm and wise, his voice threshed, and his eyes, fine memories. My thoughts are with his family and his passing. Though he was not of my generation, he has profoundly affected it.

For those who don’t know his work, he’s a fascinating poet.


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