We Need to Wake Up Fast, Wales.


Words fail me today at the sheer extent of the UTTER disservice being done to Wales by the shambolic mess that passes for a Welsh media.

Yesterday, in Scotland, we had this:national

And Wales Online when I checked at about 8pm last night, was leading with a story about scary clown sightings across Wales.  I kid you not.  And this was not a reference to Alun Cairns.

There was, to be fair, a story about the heartwarming hashtag #WeAreWales, which featured about two thirds of the way down the homepage.  But instead of presenting this for what it is, a passionate backlash against Tory racist and xenophobic policy, it was couched in blander terms as being a response to the Question Time debacle on Thursday.  Note the use of the phrase ‘many (Twitter) users took offence’.  That is very different to actually stating that the comments made by Alun…

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