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  1. Hello Luciano!

    Sometime ago we met after a lecture you gave at Goldsmiths that I enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately, we were both rushed and I only had time to tell you briefly about the superheroes who are akin to your research. So here goes:

    ‘Drums’ is the name of a character from the comic-book ‘Planetary’ written by Warren Ellis. His super-abilities are that ‘He can read and manipulate information without a conventional computer interface and apparently has a physiological connection to surrounding information sources…In the series’ final few issues, it was shown that Drums could ‘see’ an even broader spectrum of information, ranging from small things like temperature to, perhaps most notably, genetic information.’ [That’s taken from the Wikipedia article but is a good summation.

    I thought that it’s related to the Philosophy of Information because, if everything is information and has informational value, then The Drummer [or Drums] is the embodied personification of that understanding. He sees everything as information.

    The other alternative I mentioned back in February was the Marvel superhero ‘Cypher’ who has the ability to speak any language, code or pattern.

    I hope this helps!

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