Oh 2018, oh 2018.
You may be young
but you ain’t 2016.
Two years ago,
you took a blow
and now you know
you got to hurry, hurry, hurry (!) – hurry that change along.*

*Sing this little ditty in a young Bob Dylan voice.

So here it is, a year of great change. Over the past year, I’ve been a founding member of this and have written quite a bit here. Mae’n amser i newid. Mae’n amser; mae’n dod.


Wow: 2017 is here but I seem to have died between now & 2014. I guess quite a few of us died in 2016…good thing we dance, airborn. Growing wings will have to be a new feature of this phoenix of a year.

I am, after all, trying to focus on one thing: my PhD. Expect way too many music posts as I get through admin & emails while listening. Other than that, articles aplenty.

[For any actual info about what I’ve been up to 2014-2016, best check my LinkedIN and blame Twitter for my quiet here. Hell, come over there. See you in the flames.]


In 2014, I’m: working with Welsh National Opera & Yello Brick on a new street game & theatre production; Splash & Ripple on an adventure in a National Trust castle; promoting my debut novel, Purefinder; editing for REACT and Book Kernel; lecturing for UWE; writing my next book; and putting a team together for a large-scale, interactive work.

That’s right, expect even fewer updates on the damned blog.
[Though blogging is a good and requisite part of what I do, work gets in the way – sorry oh WordPress gods. I know you were not impressed from the tone of the ‘Annual update’ you sent me.]


Another milestone, another bio.

An actor, maker, writer, and worker, Ben is an award winning polymath.

A writer since 2008, Ben has had works performed and published with Anexxe Publishing, Arcola Theatre, The George Wood Theatre, Catford Theatre, Make Something Magazine, Minus9squared Magazine, The Master Shipwright’s Palace, Greenwich Dances Festival, Epicentre Magazine, Kumquat Poetry, Bad Robot Poetry, and Welsh National Opera.

Also a producer since 2008, he has made works and events with The Guardian, Greenwich Dance, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Arcola Theatre, Hay Festival, and many more under the umbrella of work for the charity Poet in the City.

In his other fields Ben has worked with University of the West of England, The Old Vic Theatre, London Word Festival, Grimeborn Opera Festival, University of Greenwich, Axon Publishing, DeptfordX Festival, Latitude Festival, Chapter Arts Centre, Goldsmiths University, Slingshot, Fragile Productions, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, Greenwich Dance Agency, Pervasive Media Studio, National Theatre Wales, Cosmic Egg Books, Cardiff University, John Hunt Publishing, REACT, Hodcha Creative Agency, The Writing Platform, Bath Spa University, and Modern Poetry in Translation.


Survivor of the 2012 apocalypse.

In 2013, my novel Purefinder is published by Cosmic Egg Books.

In 2013, I will repeat my actions.

In 2013, I will have wanted to repeat my actions but found, repeatedly, repeated words to be infinitely unachronal and – as such – wonderfully fleeting.

Moar’s more.


Actor, maker, worker, writer.

I overhaul myself as regularly as I do this page.

For a fuller look at my CV/portfolio, go to my main site, my Ideastap, or my LinkedIN profile.


For 2012, I’m focused on: writing soap-opera/film-opera for the Welsh National Opera; getting my first novel written; continuing to web-edit for Modern Poetry in Translation; directing for Backscratch Theatre; writing for Nut Films and surviving my first year as a freelancer living in the countryside.


BEN GWALCHMAI makes things.

He has been making theatre since 2002.

In 2010, Ben featured as a director in the Grimeborn Opera Festival at the Arcola Theatre, exhibited his work in the Deptford X arts festival and performed several times.

Continuing his ongoing collaboration with composer David Josiah Moore, Ben has written the librettos for two film operas that will be made in 2011 and is writing a song-cycle to be put to music by David.

Ben’s current area of research depends on which area he’s reading about and working in – for 2011, this research includes: ‘Desire, Drink and Death in English Folk and Vernacular Song, 1600-1900’, 1858-London, Dante, Victoriana and the politics of nepotism; phenomenology, neuro-physio-phenomenological experience, augmented reality and network culture; the economics of the British Empire, tea types, tea-inspired concepts and the history of The Thames piers; opera tradition, film editing principles and conventions; and occupied Paris in the late 1930s.


[The 2010 entry for this page, because posterity is the internet’s favourite 4th-dimensional recurring joke, was:


is a liar. It’s what he does for fun and it’s what he admits to for truth.

Published poet, editor, fiction and non-fiction writer; sculptor featured in DeptfordX, 2010; produced playwright and director; actor, performer and voice actor; experienced interviewer, poetry event manager and djembe player; Ben’s next projects for 2010 include writing the librettos to two film-opera with David Josiah Moore – one of his collaborators on the Voiceworks programme – alongside a series of poetry events combining illustrators and poets while getting around to writing his first comic-book.

A slow year…let’s hope 2011 is just as slow.]


[The initial entry for this page, because posterity is the internet’s favourite 4th-dimensional partisan:

This blog will not be my poetry, plays, prose or other creative works. No. I can torture my close friends enough with those. It will be my articles or anything else unfit for the publishing public annals…hopefully.

OK, so if a poem is put up here it will be for the sake of flippancy and because I think it funny, disturbing or a little bit bad.

Does this mean there wont ever be anything ‘creative’ here? No. Just things I think I wont use.

-Yes, I am capricious. Aren’t you?]


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Luciano!

    Sometime ago we met after a lecture you gave at Goldsmiths that I enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately, we were both rushed and I only had time to tell you briefly about the superheroes who are akin to your research. So here goes:

    ‘Drums’ is the name of a character from the comic-book ‘Planetary’ written by Warren Ellis. His super-abilities are that ‘He can read and manipulate information without a conventional computer interface and apparently has a physiological connection to surrounding information sources…In the series’ final few issues, it was shown that Drums could ‘see’ an even broader spectrum of information, ranging from small things like temperature to, perhaps most notably, genetic information.’ [That’s taken from the Wikipedia article but is a good summation.

    I thought that it’s related to the Philosophy of Information because, if everything is information and has informational value, then The Drummer [or Drums] is the embodied personification of that understanding. He sees everything as information.

    The other alternative I mentioned back in February was the Marvel superhero ‘Cypher’ who has the ability to speak any language, code or pattern.

    I hope this helps!

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