How Flashman refashioned the word ’employed’

See: ‘Almost 700 000 people in the UK have zero-hours contracts as main job’ & ‘Conservatives to cut school funding by 10%’
Then: ‘…deficit hits 25 year high’ & THAT poster claiming they’d halved the deficit

There stood the man named Flash from Ludgate Hill.

He stood by the bar but men had cleared a space around him so others could see. When Purefoy saw Flash, he looked as if he had six arms and each arm held an ale. When Flash put up his front two arms to calm the cheering, the other four lowered behind him. Purefoy felt dizzier. He put his hand under his chin so he could keep watching. To him, Flash had six arms.

‘As a final piece, let me say this: some people will tell you we’re too far from where we should be and there’s not enough being done to get the jobs to the people who need them but I say that nothing worthwhile is easily won. I am working on making more jobs. I’m a normal man and I’m in it with you. Let this time of challenge for us be turned into a time of opportunity. If you want a job, come talk to me. We can make things up together. If I can, I will always help. Let us show the world some fight! Let us work together, let us pull together and let us, together, lead Britain to better days ahead.’ The pub roused for Flash again. His arms went out to his sides with his palms tilted upwards. Purefoy saw four more arms behind him do the same. Where the drinks in those arms were before, now there were knives.

– Purefinder, Chapter 26