A pound of flesh

An article in the Guardian today argues for giving Kate Middleton privacy because of the recent media boob(s) and I want to agree, I really do, but then I see pictures like the one above and I….just….despair.

How is it that a good proportion of Britain can’t see that the parade of Empire, of Britishness, of any leftover Victorian and Edwardian ideals should be over?

They just can’t get it out of their heads that pictures like the one above are acceptable.

Let me tell you this:
They’re not, Britain – these pictures are in no way acceptable.

When royals still smile as others take the weight of their privileged haunches, we aren’t seeing things properly.

I don’t care if this was organized by the local tourist board: why didn’t the Duke & Duchess’ PR team check that they wouldn’t be seen doing as their ancestors did and looking like slavers?

Though I know it’s foolish to say it as it might have been ruder to do so, I’ll say it anyway: why didn’t William and Kate get off the bloody thing and carry it with everyone else? Or, you know, abandon the whole bloody notion of carrying the thing and just walk and talk to people like anybody else would?

Britain is still Victorian.


OK. We’re out.

I should have known.

I really should have known – after the farce that was the media reception [sorry, rejection] of a MAN BEING PULLED FROM HIS WHEELCHAIR [from our BBC], no-one in government gives a flying faeces about the future of the poor.

I was the first person to go to university in my family – I may well have been the last.

The government informs us that “…the poorest will fair better under the new system” but when the poorest see their future debt would be ¬£45k [yes, that IS a 35% deposit on a house where I come from] because they wanted to learn, they’ll give up on learning.

Giving up on learning is tantamount to giving up on the world, on the future, and on humanity.

The only poor that will apply to university now are those with no hope for their future, no care about themselves or their families; and only those with nothing to lose and who are at the end of the tether will actually apply Рleading us  into a scenario of hatred frothing under all Higher Education at those running the system and those truly benefiting from it Рin short, all out class war and subterfuge.

Thank you British government of 2010, you have led Britain down the path of a massive class-divide, further xenophobism, and almost definitely a return to Dickensian conditions.

And people ask me why I dress like it’s the Victorian era – IT IS THE FUCKING VICTORIAN ERA.

Watch as the poor loose their teeth, their health and their happiness while fat, smug fucks walk by and laugh in their soap-scented bubble as they kick mud away from themselves and onto everyone else.

If you can’t tell, I’ve only just read the news that the House of Lords vote passed the bill to raise tuition fees.

I am more than annoyed.