Further entries in The Dictionary of Touch

The red dust of brick.
The smooth, crushable aluminium of a beer-can.

I am currently on B.


A list of things my hands know

Today I realised I know so much less than I knew that a whole world has opened up to me.

Previously I have touched things and appreciated their touch – their feel – while looking at them however, if I empty my mind and touch the same things or anything when my eyes are closed, I hardly recognise them.

So here, in an homage to The Pillow Book, is my list of things that my hands know:

-The fine, warm hair of a horse’s coat.
-The soft but surprisingly strong and matted feel of an unshaven sheep
-The wet, back-jaw muscles of a dog
-The tight rough weave of tweed
-The softness of bone
-The thin similarity of old skin to paper
-A pathological bruise on a vegetable
-Photo printing paper
-The familiarity of towel
-Old lovers [each unique and detailed but my privilege and my secret]
-Goat skin shaven and stretched across a drum
-The wet moss crumble of faeces

I think I’ll add to this as time goes by but I wanted to get it down while all of them were still in my hands.