The ache of graphite nostrils

All is settled and set solely on the singularly large rolls of paper trod upon last night.

As the graphite spread [both from idea to execution and] from dusk to dawn, a faint sense of accomplishment and a need for more takes hold.

For now, we breathe.


Tomorrow we dance, tonight we breathe…


Professor M R Weber put it best when he said:

“As you can see, there will be a cornucopia of visual, auditory and intellectual treats for your delectation.  We have the IIAL delivering their always-stimulating often-disingenuous lectures –

We have amazing films and even better music from the McCarricks –

If you haven’t seen them, I thoroughly recommend doing so; think Violin, Cello, orchestrated electronic beats over phantasmagorical, dark, tailor-made films.  Then we have a new piece of work from Helen Schoene ( and Antonio Martinez – a cross-Atlantic collaboration, unrehearsed and live.

Last – but, of course, not least – we have the paintings and photography of C Brewer (; often disturbing reflections of strange light, I guess.”