As a craftsman admires another’s craft

Yesterday, I took my nephew to see The Amazing Spiderman for his birthday and I’m confused as to where all the hate for it has come from. Checking The Guardian this morning, I’m glad to see Peter Bradshaw offering a sensible review. It’s an enjoyable watch, that much is irrefutable to me.


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So, for a while now, I’ve been a-thinkin’: why the hell don’t I make more things?

Why don’t we all make more things?

Things are so easy to make now, my nieces are makers – just the other month they made a nifty sled out of next to nothing and it’s lasted.

So in that spirit, from here on out I’m making t-shirts.

This is Project PissinParnassus – it may only be for a laugh but I’ll be making ’em for myself so I don’t see why not for everyone else. Should I get a few orders in, I’ll send ’em out. Should I not, I’ll have a whole host of t-shirts.

Look out for entries with designs tagged, astutely, ‘t-shirts’.