To Mound Reason

[Curtain up.]

[On the back wall, an outline grows from stage-right to form a BLACK SCALENE TRIANGLE to make an outline that resembles a cliff. As soon as the outline is fully formed, the OUTLINE OF A BOULDER appears at the bottom of the cliff. Enter OUTLINE OF A MAN at the bottom of the cliff, pushing on the boulder. The man pushes the boulder nine tenths up the cliff but, as soon as he does, it rolls back down and he follows. Enter DOCTOR, a bearded older man, upstage stage-right. On the second attempt to push the boulder to the top, DOCTOR and OUTLINE OF A MAN walk up the cliff together.]

Doctor: Is the struggle itself enough to fill a man’s heart?

[When they both reach the top, the boulder rolls back down – and the OUTLINE OF A MAN follows – but DOCTOR walks downstage, elevated on a transparent plastic, so as to seem to sit on the edge of the SCALENE TRIANGLE but elevated half way up between the stage and the top of the theatre.]

[Over the course of the rest of the piece, the OUTLINE OF A MAN should attempt to push the boulder to the top as many more times as the director feels is necessary. There’s a freedom hereafter for the outlines to shift and reflect what DOCTOR is thinking – e.g. on ‘chaff’ an outline of a committee or an MP that might have called him ‘chaff’ at some point – should the director want to use them.]

Doctor: The absurdity is…I’ve never known such political reasoning. Though I’ve worked to help govern, I abstained from politics. I’ve never piled reason on reason – facts are simple. I thought I worked with facts but I’m told I’m in the process of fabrication. I never thought myself ‘chaff’ but a rational soul. [Beat] Have I struggled enough?

[DOCTOR takes some MEDICINE out of his pocket and swallows 2 handfuls. DOCTOR walks down the BLACK SCALENE TRIANGLE and when he reaches two tenths of the way down, walks upstage on transparent plastic that then forms a transparent SQUARE SPIRAL that spirals down to the stage. DOCTOR walks down the transparent SQUARE SPIRAL. DOCTOR takes some MEDICINE out of his pocket and swallows 2 handfuls.]

Doctor: Yesterday was harrowing. Forgive me, God. [Beat] Had I struggled to stop them more – had I spoken sooner – I might have stopped…but it’s too late and the strongest thing to do is leave. [DOCTOR walks to downstage stage-left. He sits. A dim spotlight focuses on DOCTOR.]

Doctor: Goodbye, my wife. Forgive me, my love. [DOCTOR looks directly at audience.] What would you have done? [Beat] None have I sought, nor any will I seek, save Thee.

[DOCTOR cuts his left wrist. Blood slowly pools around him. The spotlight increases in intensity – it should become clear that it’s a NINE-POINTED-STAR spotlight around him.]

Doctor: Have I struggled enough? [Beat] Forgive me, my love. [Beat. DOCTOR looks up.] None have I sought, nor any will I seek, save Thee.

[Enter a PUPPET LION from stage right, it walks over to DOCTOR and laps at the blood. Enter a PUPPET BALD EAGLE from the roof – it flies down and pecks at DOCTOR’s liver.]

[No curtain. Lights down.]