Scheming; burning good and burning clean. Applying tonic.

In correspondence recently, I was forced to write the following:

“YES! I will buy our Staplestwine and call it swine so long as we use up the white wine that’s at mine. Rhyme intended, intention running rhymes around”

Thursday, December 2nd – what are you doing in London?

You’re meeting me, Helen Schoene, The McCarricks and The IIAL at:

Unit 63, Regent Studios,
E8 4QN

That’s what.

Click the flyer for pieces, fleeces and free entry to a night that’ll have you thinkin’  while you’re dancin’.


*Trumpet, fanfare, heavy but brief silence* Your attention please…

The infinite archives of the Insitute Instigating Acting Lugubriously are soon to be opened up for an exhibition entitled ‘Diverf Maliciouf Wordf’.

Curated by Msrs M R Weber and B J N Gwalchmai, we will be providing sacrificial wine.

Come. Give a libation.