The Magpie’s Nest hosts the Institute of International Arts & Languages

Good news, everyone!

The IIAL have been requested to lecture at the Master Shipwright’s Revelry, this Sunday.

Though a last-minute request, the IIAL is always prepared to step into the breach in order to further the dissemination of information – especially at a Folk Festival run by The Magpie’s Nest

Here’s the full news:

Folklahoma number

Nov 7 2010 – 16:00

Where: Master Shipwright’s Palace, Watergate Street, Deptford
Price: £15
Buy Tickets: Here
Remember Food and Alchol will be available Menu for Lunch and Dinner includes Rabbit and Lamb Tagine, Vegetarian , Soups and CakesThis bonfire weekend, The Magpie’s Nest and Kit and Cutter, Deptford’s very own purveyors of folk events, will be docking up on the banks of the River Thames for a nautically themed, fire brazened and musically scored celebration. With permission granted to host this event in London’s historic Master Shipwright’s Palace, this is an opportunity to explore the grounds, its unique wooden theatre and ballrooms, animated by the sounds of both British shanty and folk singers young and old including City Shanty Band but also the more contemporary sound of Peter Gabriel’s and Realworld’s Spiro, Lake Chad’s Mamane Barka, Bulgaria’s Perunika trio and Morris dancing from the Belles of London City and the Blackheath Morris Men and many, many more acts. Also included in the event will be a fire lit ritual for a Drowned Sailor with full river burial procession, Fireworks, lectures on London Guy Fawkes and London’s river faring traditions. As well as food, bonfires, storytelling, sing-a-longs, dancing and local Greenwich Meantime Ale aplenty. Aslo included is music by Princes in The Tower, Kidnap Alice, Skinny ListerFirefly, Theo Bard, Nick Hart, Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham, and Lady WoodsmanTransport: Trains to Deptford from london Bridge or Eat London Line to New Cross. 

  • MENU
  • 1)    Chicken Casserole
    2)    Wild Rabbit and spiced lamb sausage Tagine
    3)    Tofu Sate Soup (Vegan)
    4)    Winter Warmer soup of Pumpkin and Sweet root vegetables       2 versions available  One Vegan with toasted nuts and one Vegetarian       with cheese.
    5)    Hot sausage sandwiches featuring a specially made for the occasion       selection of sausages including vegan option.
    6)    Spicy home made carrot cake
    • River Theatre
    • 4.00 Mamane Barka – Stories of Tribal Life on Lake Chad
    • 5.00 Lecture on Thames’s Social and Naval History
    • 6.00 Skinny Lister
    • 7.00 Fireworks + Ceremony
    • 7.30 Keith Kendricks and Sylvia Needham
    • 8.15 Nick Hart
    • 8.45 Theo Bard
    • 9.15 Open Session
    • Piano Ballroom
    • 5.30 Firefly
    • 6.15 Mamane Barka
    • 7.00 Fireworks + Ceremony
    • 7.45 Lady Woodsman
    • 8.45 Boat Band
    • 9.30 Spiro
    • River Ballroom
    • 7.00 Fireworks + Ceremony
    • 7.30 Perunika Trio
    • 8.15 City Shanty Band
    • 9.00 Kidnap Alice
    • 10.0 Princes in the Tower

Master Shipwright’s Palace, Watergate Street, Deptford